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New Horizons in a Timeless Land
Experience the thrill of discovery with our pioneering China destinations and excursions
Xitang, the water town with a history

Be among the few travelers to visit Xitang, a well preserved ancient town dating back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties. Located in Zhejiang province, Xitang is outstanding among other old towns of the country because of it's large number of bridges, lanes, and veranda passages. Old buildings scatter in the area of a square kilometer, the perfect embodiment of the serene village. Tour the stone lanes and interlaced streams where the 600-year-old town's stories are depicted in landmark mansions and magnificent bridges resembling keys, rainbows, and musical instruments. Do not miss Xitang’s indigenous food and local products.
Dazu and the last great collection of stone carvings in China
Remarkably preserved and little known to travelers, the 50,000 sculptures of Dazu represent the last great group of stone carvings in China. Scattered throughout cliffs and caves in the lush hills of the Sichuan countryside, the works depict real people and animal figures, and the tales and concerns of everyday life. 1100 years after they were begun, you'll view the sculptures with all their detail, vibrant color, variety, and frequent humor that spans time and cultural boundaries. The grandeur and scale of the site cannot fail to impress even the most sophisticated traveler.
A new dimension in Yangtze River cruising
Our 9-night voyage from Shanghai to Chongqing through The Three Gorges and The Eastern Yangtze is an engaging and unusual journey to many of China's greatest archaeological, historic and scenic treasures, as well as quaint towns and farm lands along the way. Explore portions of the Yangtze rarely seen by travelers while sailing this extended cruise route from Chongqing to Huangshan, a beloved national treasure and stunning setting of spiraling peaks, ancient forests, and fantastic rock formations rising from a sea of clouds.
A Journey Into Shangri-La
Lift the curtain on a magical world long known to the West only through the novel Lost Horizon, American writer James Hilton’s depiction of a shining realm known as Shangri-La.  A Journey into Shangri-La will take you into the heart of this enchanted valley via the subtropical city of Kunming, known for its orchards, gardens, and unusual bird and flower market, as well as its gleaming temples, afire in the light of the southern sun. The journey will continue to the old walled town of Dali at the heart of a mountain valley sometimes called the Chinese Switzerland, and northward with a drive to Zhong Dian, once a major caravan stop on the ancient tea trade route. Still a kaleidoscope of exotic cultures and eye-dazzling natural scenery, the town is also departure point for an exploration of the Diqing plateau, believed the actual model for Shangri-La, a Tibetan word that means “sun and moon in one’s heart,” for an ideal place free of earthly turmoil. The journey will then continue to the Old Town of Lijiang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its boisterous tribal markets, rushing canals, and traditional willow-shaded houses, backed by the dazzling white peaks of Jade Dragon Mountain.

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